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Subject: Free full gprs in airtel
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vicky_92 5/11/2007 - 11:01:04
Its easy 2 hav free full gprs in airtel!!!!!! Just create a proxy or change the airtel live proxy. proxy name: AIRTEL LIVE ip address: or100.1.201.172 ip port:9201 apn:airtelmms.com password:+91(ur mobile no.) homepage:wap.google.com or www.google.com bearer:gprs only then use this proxy and u will get full gprs on mobile i dont know abt pc if it works in pc then plz tell it!!!! Enjoy!!!! *

tapojyot 3.10.07 - 07:44pm
Thanks for the information.I'll try it.To all the ungrateful viewers please post a reply.v's not invisible. *

gtalk 6.10.07 - 04:46pm
this trick not working . .real free trick on my group . .go join *

dmcclg 9.01.08 - 02:38pm
I use free NOP on my SE K750i .Instead of i entered 100.1.200,99 ( i typed , instead of . between 200 and 99 Den i tried 2 open da homepage i got n error saying 'communication failure' i tried agn n agn den it was displayed 'connection failed' .I re-switched my phone and started using it on the next day 5 rs were deducted n now my bal is 1.74 n NOP is working free of cost. *

ammusant 1.02.08 - 04:16pm
tell me the tricks in frenzo.

neil4frd 14.04.08 - 11:00am
i subscribed 2 nop 2 yrs back n i m stll usng it 4 free dial *122*1 *

a5hish4u 19.04.08 - 12:51am
free gprs is not working....plz tell me steps. i have sonik320i phone........ *

uzomao6 4.05.08 - 07:09am
Hw do i change my ip add, my ip n port are, port 8080 *

debo80 12.05.08 - 06:03pm
Hey pals i am in nigeria can anyone tell me how to browse free on cetel nigeria. *

firenash 18.05.08 - 07:23pm
Friends I have the hacks to use free Airtel GPRS. The only problem I faced with my hacks is that no downloaded application/software was able to connect to the internet. One more problem I faced was that some of the sites that use secure network connections do not work properly. *

rinaldi1 10.08.08 - 01:02pm
All da ways u people said are not working!!! So what can I do??? Plz search new proxy no. *

hatman77 19.08.08 - 08:56am
Can any1 tell me how 2 get free gprs no my nokia 6230i please as ive tried i few ways? Thanku! *

johnnie8 29.09.08 - 01:05am
all ths is nt workin it is ril hell it is only turnin in2 recycled .free gprs kenyans check out ma group safarikomk *

network9 2.11.08 - 11:47am
Its not working my friend for free FRENZO log on at http://frenzo. and make new friends at world wide and also here more members than our indian FRENZO must visit it once. *

rjrz 3.12.08 - 09:17am
Just use this setting for free gprs. . . It's 100% working. . . . APN-airtelfun.com . . . PROXY- . . . PORT-8080 . . . BROWSER-teashark . . . . I still use this. . . For free calling trick, see my topic Free AIRTEL Tricks . . . .For more tricks send JOIN FREE4GUJARAT @ 567678 *

harkawal 13.12.08 - 02:33am
I have a lastest Free GPRS and Frenzo free trick. . *

0_kana 19.05.09 - 10:52am
Free Lifetime MO gprs, www.tricks-technologies.blogspot.com *

cha37 17.09.09 - 04:09pm
hehe is this hacking? I thought its a hacking tread, can anyb0dy here can teach me h0w 2 hack? Hehehe *

donalbal 27.01.10 - 12:01am
I wnt to know latest free mo tricks, can anyone tell me?????? *

zo235 2.05.10 - 11:17am
Hi frenz!!
airtel free Recharge trick here *

arshalan 1.07.10 - 11:22pm
Breaking News Security Alert:-
Dont click any link for doing free Call....thes links syntax r posted from Pakistan....when u connect with call .IQL will enter in ur IMEI ...IQL is Terrorist Hacking Tool.its very Dangress *

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